Nestled in the heart of Lombardy, cradled between rolling hills and the majestic Alps, lies Bergamo, a city of unique charm with a dual soul: the historic Upper Town, with its Venetian walls a UNESCO heritage site, and the modern Lower Town, with its lively streets and squares.


Bergamo: A Lombard Gem to Discover with NCC Service

Bergamo, with its rich artistic, cultural, and gastronomic heritage, stands as a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Northern Italy. In this context, the NCC (Car Rental with Driver) service emerges as the ideal choice for exploring this wonderful city in a comfortable, stylish, and personalized way.

The NCC Service: The Perfect Choice to Discover Bergamo

The NCC service in Bergamo offers a series of unique advantages for travelers wishing to discover the city and its surroundings with the utmost comfort and flexibility:

  1. Convenience and Personalization: Travelers can enjoy tailor-made transfers, choosing times and routes based on their needs and interests, without worrying about the limitations of public transport.

  2. Comfort and Luxury: NCC vehicles, always high-end, ensure travels in the utmost comfort and elegance, allowing you to experience Bergamo in an unparalleled style.

  3. Local Knowledge: NCC drivers, deep connoisseurs of the territory, can offer not just a transfer from point A to point B but also valuable advice on attractions, restaurants, and city secrets not always known to tourists.

  4. Efficiency and Punctuality: Ideal for business travelers or those with limited time, the NCC service ensures punctuality and efficiency, optimizing travel times and minimizing travel stress.

Bergamo: A Journey Between History and Modernity

A visit to Bergamo can begin with the enchanting Upper Town, easily accessible with an NCC service that overcomes the logistical challenges posed by its hilltop location. Here, the cobblestone streets, ancient walls, and historical monuments, such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Palazzo della Ragione, tell centuries of history and culture. Piazza Vecchia, the beating heart of the Upper Town, offers moments of pure charm, amid historic cafes and views of the medieval towers.

Descending towards the Lower Town reveals Bergamo’s more modern face, with its elegant shops, contemporary art museums, and green areas, like the Giardini della Trucca, perfect for a relaxing walk. The NCC service allows for easy navigation between these two souls of the city, offering a smooth and enriching travel experience.

Gastronomy and Surroundings: The Added Value of the NCC

Bergamo’s cuisine, with its rich and flavorful dishes, represents another must-visit aspect of the city. An NCC service can turn into a personalized enogastronomic tour, leading travelers to discover historic trattorias where they can taste casoncelli alla bergamasca, polenta e osei, and other typical dishes, accompanied by local wines.

Moreover, Bergamo is an excellent starting point for exploring the Lombard lakes and mountains. The NCC service extends the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable days on Lake Como, Lake Iseo, or in the surrounding valleys, without the constraints of fixed schedules and preset routes of group tours.


Bergamo offers a unique combination of historical, cultural, and natural beauties, making it an ideal destination for every type of traveler. The NCC service represents the key to discovering this city and its surroundings in an exclusive, comfortable, and totally personalized manner. Whether it’s a business trip, a holiday, or a special occasion, choosing an NCC in Bergamo means ensuring an unforgettable experience, where every detail of the journey is perfected.



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