Bologna, the beating heart of Emilia-Romagna, stands as one of Italy’s most fascinating and lively cities, rich in history, culture, and world-renowned gastronomy.


Bologna: A City to Discover with the Comfort and Elegance of the NCC Service

Known as the “Learned” for its ancient university, the “Fat” for its unmatched culinary offerings, and the “Red” for the colors of its roofs and its political spirit, Bologna invites exploration in a way that respects its essence, combining the discovery of its treasures with the utmost comfort and elegance. In this context, the NCC (Car Rental with Driver) service emerges as the preferred choice for those wishing to experience the city in a unique and personalized way.

Why Choose the NCC Service in Bologna

Opting for an NCC service in Bologna means counting on a series of exclusive advantages that enrich the travel experience in the Emilian city:

  1. Exclusivity and Personalization: The NCC service offers the possibility to customize every aspect of the journey, from routes to schedules, ensuring a tailor-made experience that perfectly adapts to the desires and needs of each traveler.

  2. Comfort and Privacy: NCC vehicles guarantee maximum comfort and privacy, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Bologna and its surroundings in a relaxing and reserved environment.

  3. In-depth Local Knowledge: NCC drivers, as expert connoisseurs of the territory, can offer valuable advice on where to eat, what to visit, and how to discover hidden corners of the city that only locals know.

  4. Efficiency and Flexibility: Whether it’s airport transfers, business trips, or sightseeing tours, the NCC service ensures maximum efficiency and flexibility, effectively responding to every mobility need.

Discovering the Wonders of Bologna

Bologna reveals itself through its many faces: from the historic medieval towers that dominate the sky to the charm of its long porticos under which to stroll, to the liveliness of its squares, like Piazza Maggiore, the pulsating heart of city life. An NCC service allows you to explore these wonders with the peace of mind of having a private means always available, avoiding the burdens of public transport and fully enjoying Bolognese beauty.

The Advantage of NCC for Gastronomic Tourism

Bologna and its region are a paradise for lovers of good food. A gastronomic tour in NCC can turn into an unforgettable culinary adventure, visiting the best taverns, wineries, and producers of local specialties, such as the famous Parma ham, Modena balsamic vinegar, and of course, Bolognese ragù. The NCC service offers the freedom to explore these places without worries, enriching the gastronomic experience with the luxury of private transport.

Bologna for the Business Traveler

For business travelers, Bologna represents an important commercial and trade fair crossroads. The NCC service proves to be a valuable ally, ensuring efficient transfers between airports, hotels, corporate headquarters, and trade fair districts, like BolognaFiere, one of Italy’s most important exhibition centers. The ability to work or relax between appointments, thanks to the tranquility and comfort offered, is an invaluable advantage for every professional.


Bologna, with its rich cultural, artistic, and gastronomic heritage, offers endless possibilities for discovery. Choosing an NCC service to explore it means giving yourself an unparalleled travel experience, where elegance, comfort, and personalization come first. Whether for tourism, business, or a simple escape from daily routine, the NCC represents the key to experiencing Bologna in all its magnificence, transforming every transfer into a moment of pure pleasure.



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