Milan Malpensa

Milan Malpensa is not just an international airport located in the dynamic region of Lombardy, Italy, but also the ideal starting point for exploring the best that this country has to offer.


Milan Malpensa: The Starting Point for Exploring the Best of Italy

With two main terminals dedicated to domestic, international, and non-Schengen flights, Malpensa serves as the main gateway for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the Italian cultural, historical, and landscape riches, making it a crucial hub for travelers from around the world.

The Importance of Malpensa for Tourism and Business

Milan Malpensa Airport, also known as Milan Malpensa “City of Milan” Airport, is the second busiest airport in Italy, after Rome Fiumicino. Located about 50 km northwest of Milan’s city center, it is strategically positioned to serve not only the metropolitan city of Milan but also neighboring regions such as Italian Switzerland, parts of Piedmont and Lombardy. This location makes it particularly important for business travelers and tourists who want to explore Northern Italy and beyond.

The Role of NCC Services (Car Rental with Driver)

For those arriving or departing from Malpensa, the NCC (Car Rental with Driver) service represents a high-quality travel solution, offering a personalized experience that goes beyond simple airport transfers. NCC services provide comfort, reliability, and the ability to customize your trip according to specific needs, whether for transfers to the center of Milan, the picturesque surrounding regions, or for a customized tour of Italy’s most famous attractions.

Advantages of the NCC Service from and to Milan Malpensa

  1. Comfort and Personalization: Unlike public transport, NCC services offer comfortable and well-maintained vehicles, with the possibility to choose the type of car based on one’s needs or preferences.

  2. Efficiency and Reliability: By booking an NCC service, travelers can count on timely and reliable service, crucial especially for those with important appointments or needing quick connections with other flights.

  3. Local Experience: NCC drivers, often locals, provide added value in terms of knowledge of the territory, recommending alternative routes, restaurants, and must-sees that only a resident could know.

  4. Flexibility: With an NCC service, travelers are not bound to public transport schedules, allowing greater flexibility in planning their itinerary, whether for a business meeting or sightseeing.

Exploring Milan and Its Surroundings

Milan, with its unique mix of modernity and history, offers numerous attractions for every type of visitor. From the majestic Duomo Cathedral to the famous La Scala theater, through the elegant shopping streets like Via Montenapoleone, Milan is a city that deserves to be explored leisurely and in style. NCC services allow just that, offering tailor-made transfers that perfectly fit the needs of every traveler.


Milan Malpensa is not just a vital international hub for Italy; it’s also the starting point for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Europe. Whether it’s exploring the vibrant city of Milan, the enchanting regions of Lake Como, Liguria, or the Alps, choosing a quality NCC service means ensuring an unparalleled travel experience, marked by comfort, efficiency, and personal discovery. For travelers seeking the best, Milan Malpensa and NCC services offer the ideal gateway to explore Italy in great style.



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